Remembering The Government’s Commodity Food Service

My grandmother used to get it in Utah until she passed away and my mother would sometimes bring extra back home.

It's made by Land O'Lakes and it's on the government's Commodity Food Service.

My Mom will only buy Tillamook cheese now, because it is the closest to the quality we were getting.

I remember it was a lot of cheese that came packaged in a box kinda like velveeta is packaged in only much larger. They told me that they had to wait in a really long line to pick it up. I don't know if the program is still active at this point.

Cheese from the US Government, but I believe it's been discontinued in favor of other programs like TANF and SNAP.

"Once the dairy program was pulled and the food stamp program switched over to Link cards, Government Cheese was taken off the market."

Until the 90s or so, the government would buy and stockpile cheese to support/prop up the dairy industry, then they'd process that cheese into "government cheese" which was distributed to the poor. It was somewhat similar to Velveeta but would be made with random cheeses so the taste varied.

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