Skip The Machine

I like to thrift shop and from the number of donated bread machines I think they aren't very useful. I have one and honestly, it doesn't encourage you to make more, as it's not very tasty and sort of comes out slightly on the cake end in terms of texture.

My main complaint is nothing smells like bread, just yeasty.

Rice is not that difficult. Bread is difficult to make worth doing again. There is no such thing as good enough bread. It's either excellent or not.

If you want to continue use the manual first, as it will have recipes tailor-made for that machine. Also, some require dry ingredients first, some want the liquids first. So go ahead & try the booklet you have. King Arthur is awesome! Don't forget your local library as a source of cook books.

My 2 cents, if you need 'instant' bread, buy the stale pre-sliced plastic wrapped stuff. I've made some excellent bread, but it is all good used for toast

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